Dylander Sundhed


Are you on the right track?

Dylander Health is for you who want to give more attention to health in their lives.
It includes healthy habits of body and soul, enabling a long and happy life.
At the same time, it is about joy as healthy habits should not be a sour duty, but something we do with pleasure. Therefore, it is important finding what brings you joy and desire for the everyday life.

In example, it is for you who want a weight loss without excessive dietary plans or
restrictions, but instead a natural relationship to food and weight.

Dylander Health is for you who want to change unhealthy habits and behaviors, by looking inward for what is  behind the habits. It is for you who eat out of emotional feelings or overeat, but have a desire to break the unhealthy eating pattern. Dylander Health is also for you who want more focus on exercise without necessarily spending all their free time in a fitness centre, but with a focus on exercise that makes you glad and comfortable.

Uhealthy habits and behaviours are about many things, consuming too much food, wrong food, too little exercise, too much exercise, smoking, too much alcohol, and more.

I look forward to helping you achieve what you want!

  • I am knowledgeable in changing behavior
  • I do my best to create trust, security and presence
  • I value high professionalism
  • You can expect a deeper insight
  • Here you can read more about me (in danish)

In addition to my training as an anthropologist and nurse, I also have training as a coach and in systemic constellaton.

  • You can read more about coaching here (in danish)

  • You can read more about systemic constellation here (in danish)

Well-being, healthy habits and weight in balance !

Dylander Sundhed

Dylander Health offers:

  • Consultation for individuals and couples 

  • Course in Healthy Habits and Sense

  • Cooking Course

  • Lecture

  • Company Packages

  • You can read more about the different subjects here (in danish)